Simple Car Hacks To Make Driving So Much Better

Published on 02/01/2022

Driving can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your day, or quite easily one of the most menial things. The act of driving can be super fun; you’re traveling at great speeds down long roads, you face wind resistance and you’re listening to your favorite tunes. However, if you have the same journey every single day, it can easily become quite boring. Fortunately, we have some amazing tips for you to try, to ensure that your driving experience is certainly enhanced. Have a look! The third one is a personal favorite of ours…

Car Door

Car Door


Seeing Out Of Your Windshield Better

Nothing is more important than adequate visibility when you’re driving. But, like most other drivers, we usually put off cleaning or, if required, replacing our windshield wipers. Windshield wipers are infamous for quickly drying out and cracking. Soak a clean white rag in your favorite glass cleaner to help prolong their life and clean them. Wipe the rag up and down the wiper blades’ length. The results will show up on the rag, and you’ll be able to see out your windshield lot better in the rain.

Winter Driving Tip

It’s a sign that you could use additional weight when there’s snow and ice on the roads and you don’t have enough traction to drive up hills or you fishtail going around corners. Water softener salt bags in the trunk of a rear-wheel-drive vehicle add weight to the rear of the vehicle. During the nightmare winter driving season, this aids traction on ice and snow. Please keep in mind that this advice does not apply to front-wheel-drive automobiles, though keeping extra emergency salt in the back of your car can aid in an emergency.

Keeping Your Car Clean!

It can be difficult to keep your car clean. Dirt roads, unkempt trees, pet hair, food crumbs, and wrappers abound. There’s probably rubbish on the car’s floor, under the seats, and in the spaces between the seats. Put any wrappers, bottles, or other items in the durable car trash can! Use a supermarket bag to line a plastic cereal container and use it as an in-car trash can. Apply a strip of self-adhesive hook and loop fastener to the bottom of the container to ensure that it sticks to your car’s carpet.

Dash Cams

A dash cam is an excellent investment that will give you with video evidence of a collision, hit-and-run, or theft. The Garmin Dash Cam 55, for example, is small and unobtrusive, mounting to the inside windshield and offering high-quality video. You can even link your footage to your phone!

Homemade Car Air Freshener

Use scented candle wax to freshen up your car. For a DIY automobile air freshener, use a hammer and a long nail to punch holes in the lid of a mason jar. Replace the lid on the jar and pour in the wax. The wax will melt as the temperature in your car rises, infusing your car with a beautiful smell.

Accessible Towel Holder

Using a small bungee rope, secure a roll of paper towels to the inside of your trunk lid. The towels will come in useful, but they won’t take up room (or become ruined) in your trunk.

Plug-In Seat Warmer

It doesn’t mean you can’t have a toasty seat just because your automobile isn’t fancy enough to have built-in seat warmers (along with no heat!). Purchase an aftermarket seat cover to assist you and your car thaw out and warm up while driving.

DIY Car Mats

Cutting bits of old carpet to fit on the floor as mats is a simple method to keep your automobile clean. When the DIY carpet scraps become soiled from slushy winter snow or summer sand, you can either wash them or toss them out and start over. A word of caution: do not place these DIY car mats on the driver’s side unless grippers are added to the bottom side to prevent the mat from sliding forward while driving.

Pipe Insulation to Prevent Losing Things

Dropping things in our cars, such as keys or cell phones, in the gap between the driver’s seat and the console, may be extremely inconvenient. Because the gap is so small and our hands don’t generally fit, retrieving anything dropped in that space is difficult. To get the objects out, we frequently reach for a stick or wire hanger, which is inconvenient. We recently discovered the following solution: cut pieces of foam pipe insulation to the length of the gaps and wedge them in the spaces on either side of the console. Nothing falls between the cracks any longer!