6 Fashion Mistakes Men Make When It Comes To Formal Wear

Published on 07/24/2022

Clothes make the man. This has been known for centuries. After all, nothing stands out as much as the clothes you wear when you first meet them. But especially when it comes to formal clothing, there are a few things that men do wrong, which attract one or the other unpleasant look. In this article, you will find out which fashion mistakes you should avoid with formal clothing in order to make the best possible impression right away.

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6 Fashion Mistakes Men Make When It Comes To Formal Wear

Not Tucking Shirt In Pants

There’s usually nothing wrong with letting the shirt hang straight down outside the pants. However, this creates more of a casual look that is seldom seen on formal occasions. In formal evening wear, the shirt should always be tucked in.

Open Many Buttons In The Shirt

A shirt isn’t nearly as comfortable as a good old t-shirt. It is not uncommon for one button to be opened after the other – in the hope of gaining a little more comfort. But it’s best not to undo more than one or two buttons on a formal occasion. Because if you show too much chest, you look anything but neat and tend to attract negative looks.

Undershirt Is Visible

If you sweat profusely, consider wearing an undershirt. Because this ensures that the sweat stains appear on the undershirt and not on the actual shirt, which effectively conceals them. However, it is important to ensure that the collar of the undershirt is not visible. Otherwise, this creates horizontal lines and optically messes up the body proportions, so that the outfit appears inconsistent.

Physique Not Considered When Choosing A Tie

A classic tie is between 6 and 9 cm wide and usually does not protrude beyond the belt. However, when choosing a tie, there is another factor that should be considered and that is body type. Because the wider the man, the wider the tie. Otherwise, the wrong dimensions of the tie can also mess up the body proportions.

Button The Jacket Wrong

Of course, a jacket should not be missing from a complete evening wardrobe. But many men do not know which jacket buttons should be buttoned up and which should be left unbuttoned. There is a very simple rule of thumb for this: With a classic 2-button jacket, the top button is always fastened, and the bottom button remains undone. If the jacket has three buttons, the bottom one also remains undone. The middle one is closed, and the master is free to decide on the top one.

Don’t Wear Socks

Sandals and flip-flops are the only shoes where socks should definitely be left out. However, they must not be missing under any circumstances with all other shoes – and above all with dress shoes. Black stockings that cover the skin are usually compulsory, even if the pants ride up a little when sitting. And there’s another reason. After all, your feet will start to sweat at some point, especially during events that last for hours. Not only is this bad for the shoe that comes into direct contact with the moisture, but it also creates an unpleasant odor that other guests are likely to notice.