Plant-Based- It’s Lifestyle And It’s Trending

Published on 02/07/2021

The plant-based lifestyle is trending more than ever and has tons of people across the globe getting involved and joining the way of life. Whether you are onboard or simply looking to find out some more about ways you can get started, this is for you. Plant-based dieting is sweeping its way through Hollywood with celebrities swearing by the lifestyle and trying to embrace it in every way possible. Some start out with vegan products such as skincare, whereas some go straight for the diet. Plant-based diets are becoming much more attainable and possible in the modern world we are living in, with substitutes for everything becoming available. The below products and trends are on the rise and making veganism that much easier.

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Plant-Based- It’s Lifestyle And It’s Trending

Egg Alternatives

A plant-based meat alternative made headlines through 2019, the stocks for it and its popularity were overpowering. Well, egg alternatives are causing the same reaction. JUST Egg is making waves across the globe and has become so popular that they have built a manufacturing facility in Singapore worth $120 million. The product is becoming available in supermarkets and is expanding widely across Asia. Other products such as “the egg” from Noblegen which is a powdered egg solution from Canada and a product from Israel called Zero Egg which is already entering U.S markets.

All Things Vitamin-Enriched

Vitamins are no longer a dreaded pill that adults have to take each and every morning. Instead, brands have taken it upon themselves to reinvent and innovate the idea of vitamins for adults too. Kids take them in the forms of gummies and other exciting ways, thus this is now possible for adults too. Probiotics now come in the form of chocolate bonbons, and other vitamins now come in the form of chewies, gummies, or even just better packaging which is aimed to be more appealing.

All About Adaptogens

Adaptogen is a word that we should all become more at ease with because it is a term we will be hearing more often. Adaptogens work against stress in the central nervous system to try and bring the body back toa regular and calm state. Adaptogens have anti-fatigue, antidepressant and other excitatory effects. Adaptogens are now being implemented into coffee, protein bars, and even cocktails. They have the potential to be the next major thing with adaptogen drinks promising a social and relaxing feel but with no alcohol.

Regenerative Agriculture

The plant-based lifestyle and everything that is stemming from it aims to not deplete anything coming from nature, basically aiming to keep our environment unharmed and sustainable as well as all of its inhabitants. Regenerative agriculture aims at giving back to the soil, techniques include crop rotation and other ideals that will give back to the soil instead of simply just taking. This is a great agricultural method to allow for sustainability and profitability. The main outcome is to prevent climate change and give back to our planet, even farming can harm our planet- veganism aims to combat all of this in the greater scheme of things.