The Smartest Hacks Every Teacher Needs To Know About

Published on 02/08/2021

There is no doubt about it, teachers love to learn new things that will help them in the classroom or make their jobs so much easier. Discovering new hacks usually leaves teachers with that feeling of, “oh, yes that’s amazing! Why didn’t I think of that?” The good news is that we at Marvelousa have put together a list of some of the smartest hacks for teachers just to make sure you don’t miss out on any new tips and tricks. Because we all know teachers can use all the help they can get, right?

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The Smartest Hacks Every Teacher Needs To Know About

Teach Students To “Ask 3 Before Me”

As teachers, we know just how frustrating it can be when students insist on asking the same questions over and over again, especially once you’ve already explained the lesson and answered all the relevant questions. We have a simple solution just for you, all you need to do is teach students to ask at least 3 of their fellow students the question before they are allowed to ask you, the teacher. More than likely they will get their question answered without having to disturb you.

Assign Jobs To Your Students

Without a doubt, children need to learn responsibility from a young age. One of the best ways you as a teacher can facilitate this is by assigning several different jobs to the children in your classroom. Some of the roles can include, library helper, plant waterer, cleanliness manager, or even errand monitor. Not only do the kids love doing these kinds of tasks but it can also make your job much easier.

‘Ouchie Lotion’

This hack will obviously work best for kids who are much younger – like kindergarten. Simply stick an “Ouchie Lotion” label on a regular body lotion and watch the magic happen with any boo-boo. The tears will vanish as quickly as the ‘ouchie’.

Students Should Use Hand Signals

This is another great tip to try and minimize being disrupted for the most unnecessary things. Non-verbal communication can often be a teacher’s best and most effective classroom management tool. To help combat this problem, try implementing a few gestures to help run your classroom smoothly.

  • Bathroom break – there’s no need for students to shout out to the whole class that they need the bathroom. Teach students to simply cross their middle and index fingers and flash them in the air.
  • Next, teach students to use the three middle fingers of one hand when they need to get water.
  • Another useful hand signal which is often forgotten about, only because students much prefer shouting out, is to simply raise their hand or one index finger when they want to ask a question or need assistance.

Always Keep Extra Worksheets

Every teacher has at least one student that finishes their work in class long before the others. These students are then completely bored that they more than likely go ahead and disrupt the other students who are working. A great hack to help solve this problem is to keep an extra stack of worksheets and activities to keep the students busy. Often times, these hacks can be a major lifesaver!