Fashion Up- These Are The Fashion Trends Of The Summer 2021

Published on 05/06/2021

The weather is getting hotter, summer is getting nearer and so are the new fashion trends! Continue reading and find out what styles, colors and items are trendy this summer.

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Fashion Up- These Are The Fashion Trends Of The Summer 2021


Head Scarfs

Do you remember the movie scene, where the woman drives in a nice car and wears a headscarf to save her hair from falling apart? They always look so elegant and stylish. Good for us, that headbands and head scarfs are coming back in style. They are not only a great way to keep your hair together, but adding style to every outfit. There are many cool ways to wear a headscarf. You can either let the scarf hang at the back of your head, put a loose knot under your chin, put it around your neck or add it to your bag as an accessory. There are a hundred of ways to wear a headscarf and every one of them will look super cute and stylish!

It’s All About The Strappy Silhouettes

Be ready because this summer the fashion industry will set focus on your silhouette. No matter if on blouses, tops, dresses or skirts, fashion makers love the new trend of extending straps through their outfits who will follow and accent your silhouette. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes or Salma Hayek love this trend and have been already spotted wearing it to several red carpets. You can shop this cute look on sites like “”, or “”.

Bra Tops

Crop tops already came back into fashion a look time ago. Now also crop tops little sister, the bra top is very trendy. You can style it with a skirt or a cool boyfriend jean and are ready for the runway! Bra tops are also super comfortable, especially when it’s hot outside. So the next time you are going shopping, make sure to get yourself those cute tops.

The Tie Died Look

The tie-dyed look made its comeback and is super trendy right now. No matter if its tie-dyed dresses, shorts, shirts or jackets, you can see the color explosion everywhere in the fashion industry! You can either go full tie-dyed with a dress or a top shirt combo. It also looks super cute if you mix and match. A trendy tie-dyed short with a plain short or vice versa. If you search for a cute tie-dyed style, you should definitely check out sites like “net a porter”, “” or “”.

Pink Is Back

Be ready for bright colors this summer! Especially the color pink is extremely trendy in the summer of 2021. The color gives off good vibes, good feelings and a positive energy. Another great advantage of pink is, that it fits everyone and looks super stylish. No matter if it’s a pink maxi dress, pink flair pants or a pink bikini, with the trendy color you will steal everyone the show!

Platform Sandals

The 90s are making its comeback with this fashion trend…… platform sandals. What you could see everywhere on the street, stores, red carpets and catwalks is trendy again. Platform sandals are not only super comfortable and look cite, but also add a few centimeters height, which is always good!