The Best Fashion Tips For Petite Girls

Published on 02/07/2021

Being petite and searching for good fitting clothes can be very frustrating sometimes. Either the pants are way too long, or the skirt is making you look even shorter. But don’t worry. With this fashion tips you will never be frustrated going shopping again.

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The Best Fashion Tips For Petite Girls

The Right Length

The right lengths is very important regarding your clothing choice. Especially when it comes to skirts, it is better to choose a mini one than a midi skirt. Mini skirts will let your leg look longer, while midi skirts cut your legs in the wrong places. A good way to style your mini skirt, is with a tight shirt or a tucked in blouse. This will accent your waist and will bring your proportions into place.

Ankle Boots Are The Way To Go

Boots are a cool way to add style and a personal touch to every outfit. The best boots for shorter women are ankle boots. If you want to look taller, try to stay away from over-knees (they cover up too much of your leg) and mid-calf boots (they let your leg appear way shorter). Ankle boots are not only the perfect solution to make your legs look longer, but they also are the perfect fit to every outfit, no matter if it’s a jean, a skirt or a dress.

Cut Off  Your Jeans

A very common problem for shorter girls, is to find a fitting jean. Most of the time the jean will be too long and has to be tailored. If you don’t have time to let a professional tailor your jean, just do it yourself! It is always better to cut the jean, than to fold it. Folding your jean will not only make your leg appear shorter, but also bulkier. So if you have a jean that is too long just take scissors and cut them off yourself.

Proportion is key

The right proportions are very important, when thinking about a good fitting outfit. If you decide to wear high-waisted jeans, choose a short top to make your upper body appear longer. Another tip is to cuff long shirts at the elbows. This tip helps to  emphasize your shape and doesn’t cut off your arms.

Emphasize Your Waist

A great way to emphasize on your shape is by showing of your waist. Structured tops or dresses are a great way to show off your figure and a way to help you dress in the right  proportions. An excellent way to accent your waist is with corsets, crop tops, or tight blouses.

Vertical Stripes

While you might think there is no big difference between horizontal and vertical stripes, there definitely is! Shorter girls should always choose vertical stripes, as they are elongating. They not only add length to your body, but look super cute as well! No matter if on a dress, a jumpsuit, a blouse or a sweater, vertical stripes are always a real eye-catcher!

Avoid Wide-Leg Trousers Or Baggy Jeans

Even if wide-leg trousers or baggy jeans are looking cute, short girls should stay away from them! A very important fashion advice for short girls is to choose well fitted trousers, as they help you to elongate your legs and give you the right proportions. Great jean styles for shorter girls are straight jeans, high -rise ankle jeans or high-rise boot cut jeans.