The Most Amazing Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

Published on 07/12/2021

After stressful wedding preparations, every new married couple, deserves a wonderful and relaxing honeymoon. There are so many honeymoon spots, deals, destinations etc., therefore sometimes it can be really hard to decide. But don’t worry, we will help you out here! In this article, we will show you the best honeymoon spots around the world. So pack your bag and be prepared for an unforgettable journey.

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The Most Amazing Honeymoon Destinations Around The World

St. Lucia

For all the luxury lovers out there, St. Lucia is the right place to spend one’s honeymoon. The Caribbean country, is a place flourishing of flowers, waterfalls and wonderful nature scenes. Besides that, it is also famous for its beautiful hotels, great shopping opportunities, amazing restaurants and dishes as well as the perfect romantic atmosphere for an unforgettable honeymoon. Some of the best hotels for an extravagant honeymoon are hotels like the “Jade Mountain resort”, “Sugar Beach”, “Cap Maison Resort and Spa” as well as the “Ladera Resort”. Some of the most popular and best reviewed restaurants in the lovely Caribbean place are places like “Fedo’s”, “The Coal Pot Restaurant” or “Jade Mountain Club”. So if you are a couple that loves luxury, great food, an amazing green scenery and great places to shop then St. Lucia is definitely the right spot for you!

Bora Bora

Most people already heard of Bora Bora. The famous Bora Bora, is an island in French Polynesia and is famous due to its blue lagoons and coral reefs. The island is full of amazing hotels and is so popular amongst newly married couples, that all the hotels on the island, offer a honeymoon package. You and your partner can relax on the some of the most beautiful beaches around the world, go for a snorkeling trip, or simply relax and get tanned. If you are more about exiting adventures, you can also go see some of the famous volcanos or go on a trip to Bora Bora’s famous lagoons.


The Hawaiian island Maui, is a very popular honeymoon spot for many years already. Maui is simply amazing. It is not only beautiful and offers extremely long shorelines of beautiful flowers, amazing nature scenery and much more, but is also famous for its famous town parties. Among the most popular things you can do in Maui are helicopter trips over the wonderful island and and going to the Maui festivals.

Amalfi Coast

Italy. Is there even a more romantic place than Italy? Italy is known for its beautiful architecture, great food, great fashion and just the overall vibe. Italy offers some of the most beautiful places around the world, and one of the is the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast is a coastline, that goes along the southern edge of Italy. The famous place is full of pastel colored streets and villas. The beaches are small and over the clearest, most turquoise water you might have ever seen. The Amalfi coast, is famous for its extraordinary food and wine. Restaurants you definitely have to visit while soending your honeymoon there are the “Marina Grande”, “Sensi Restaurant” and the “Taverna degli Apostoli”.